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Hurricane Michael impacting fall break plans for two Chattanooga families

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As Hurricane Michael inches closer to the Florida panhandle, residents and tourists spent the day moving to higher ground.

Two families from the Tennessee Valley are vacationing in the area about 30 minutes away from each other.

They both tell Channel 3 they noticed clouds moving in, wind picking up and big waves Tuesday.

But they made two different decisions about what to do as the storm moves in.

"Yesterday it became pretty obvious that it was coming right here," Dr. Jonathan Kerley said.

Kerley is a doctor in Chattanooga. He arrived in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida with his wife and six kids on Sunday.

But Tuesday, they packed up and moved inland ahead of traffic and bridge closures.

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"It looks like it's going to make landfall about the same time as high tide, so that would make a potential for much more devastation with the water surge," Kerley said.

About 30 minutes away, Aaron Wolfe is riding out the hurricane with his wife and their two children in Destin.

They spent the day preparing for the worst.

"We're actually going to be on our way to go pick up some sandbags for him at Home Depot. He's already prepaid for them. So I'm going to get those stacked around his back patio and the front door in case there is a storm surge," Wolfe said.

Wolfe said even though the hurricane is putting a damper on beach time, it will make this vacation one to remember.

"I guess I'm a little bit excited. I get excited during certain weather events. Maybe a tad bit like 10-percent but more excited to see what it looks like in person," he added.

The Kerley's are in good spirits too, posting weather reporter on YouTube from the "eye of the storm" and making memories along the way.

Kerley said he isn't sure if he and his family will come all the way back to Chattanooga just yet. They plan to move inland but want to wait to see if gas is available and if there is traffic.

The Wolfe's are planning to come back next week.

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